I am a product and service designer at Propelland, a small design consultancy with offices in San Francisco (where I work) and Madrid. We have a growing team and wonderful clients that are always challenging us to explore new frontiers for both our studio and the market. I recommend that you visit the Propelland site to see more of our work, but I've added a little information on some of the projects I have been a part of.

Powerade - FIFA World Cup 2014 Sports Bottle

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This was my first project at Propelland, and an incredible learning experience. My work was the visual design, CAD modeling, and a good bit of engineering for the sleeve, rings, and electronics housing. I also did several renderings of the bottle for Powerade's promotional material during the World Cup, as well as the Propelland portfolio.

Here's a video of the project where Hugo and Sid (the founders of Propelland) share the process we went through. This is only a small glimpse of the work that went into this, and I hope to share more of my contributions soon.

POWERADE - Sports Bottle Cooling TOWER
(UEFA EURO 2016, COPA AMERICA 2016, and the 2016 Olympics)

After the success of the Powerade Sports Bottle, we continued working with Powerade on another project - a bottle carrying and cooling tower. I was fortunate enough to lead this project for the year and a half that it was in development, helping take it through multiple prototypes, testing, and overseeing production. This was an extensive project, and I hope to share more of the work that went into it soon.

Audi - Connected Car

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We worked with Audi as facilitators to generate areas of opportunity, use cases, and business models. I was a part of many of these early concept sessions, and helped visualize the ideas for the internal team. My biggest contribution was illustrating the use cases that were presented within Audi to gain traction for later phases of the project now in development.

Kaiser Permanente - Self Triage

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We worked with Kaiser to create new ways to increase treatment capacity through mobile technology. My role was primarily user experience and interface design, with some visual prototyping and illustration. Though small, this project was user tested with Kaiser patients, and will hopefully lead to a better, user centric touchpoints.