Problems with Current Rotary Tools

Large, bulky bodies are unbalanced and unwieldy.
Vibrations can cause hand cramps from prolonged use.
Controls, including power switches, are positioned far from the grip.
Rotary bits are far from the grip, resulting in unsafe handling methods.

Goals for Redesign

Tool should target hobbyists and craftsman seeking precision.
Stylus should be as small as possible.
Stylus should be isolated from the heat and vibrations of the motor.
Controls for power and speed should be easily accessible.
Form should feel worthy of being displayed.


Sketch Ideation

Addressing the many problems with current rotary tools resulted in a spectrum of ideas that quickly converged on stylus-like systems. Initial directions integrated the motor into the body, but that was left in favor of a remote motor and dock.


The Concept

Cision starts with a unified dock - elegant enough to be displayed yet small enough to be tucked away. The stylus and a storage case for rotary bits are removed from the dock during work, and easily replaced at the end of the day. This provides a simplified package for hobbyists with the precision, control, and power they need.

The Stylus

Inspired by a the soft curves of a brush or calligraphy pen, the stylus is meant to be an artist's utensil, not a hardware tool. An illuminated front ensures visibility from any angle. 

The Dock

The heart of the system, this houses the motor and stores the stylus and spare bits. The curves are meant to complement the stylus, showcasing the tool rather than hiding it.