My First Unity Game

...that I made myself. following a tutorial.

Whatever, learning new things is fun. Even though this is stupidly simple and I basically just followed the videos, I'm still proud of this and look forward to making more games in the future. You can find the tutorial here, and download Unity here.

Instructions: Click this link here. Use the arrow keys to move the ball. I was having issues with the embedded game messing up the webpage on mobile so I moved it. FYI, the win text is probably not appropriate for kids.

For the record, this is not the first Unity game that I have worked on. Two others - NOL and Circulation - I have been a part of, but as a 3D artist working with amazing teams of programmers who put up with my artistic crap. Maybe one day I will have a special post just for the games I've worked on before, since I now realize that there have been quite a few student game projects in my past.

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